Custom Built PC Workstations

Here at Alpha1 we custom build PC workstations to your exact specification using selected quality branded parts from our wholesale suppliers.
The following pages show some standard system configurations and common peripherals with pricing.

As monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, gaming accessories are common across the different computer platforms and are largely the users preference, we include them separately to the system configurations.

Similarly some customers are just upgrading or replacing their existing workstations and will therefore already have a windows license that can be used on the new setup to save money. Those with windows 7 or 8.1 may still be able to get the free upgrade to the better featured windows 10, which is capable of fully utilising new pc technologies.

If you purchase a copy of windows 10 (home or pro edition) from us with your new workstation, it will be installed, fully updated, optimised and complimented by a standard set of applications to allow you to get working straight away!

Feel free to contact us via the contact form, facebook, phone or email to discuss any of the computer systems and upgrade options available.

AMD Based Systems

AMD Systems generally offer better bang for your buck when compared to a similar specification of Intel branded systems.
The 7th generation of AMD systems have the latest pc features (such as USB 3.1) and allow you to run both the integrated graphics APU series of CPU's and the brand new, extreme performance RIZEN platform.

CLICK HERE to view our current list of AMD System Configurations

Intel Based Systems

Intel has a large selection of CPU's that range from low power dual core systems for mini-pcs and basic work computers to high power over-clockable systems for high end gaming and graphic editing.

The majority of Intel CPU's come with integrated graphic chips with features such as multi-monitor and 4K resolution support.
The latest generation of "Kaby Lake" Processors and motherboards support all the newer PC features such as M.2 NVMe/SSD support, USB3.1 and Optane memory support through the Intel Socket 1151 platform with various intel chipsets to suit different users needs.

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Common Software & Accessories

Items common to all systems such as windows, monitors, etc are included on this page.

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