Common Accessories

The following pages list some of our more commonly sold accessories for all pc's from business to gaming.
Computer peripherals is an ever evolving landscape and it is impossible to list them all. If you don't see the particular item, brand or model you are looking for, please ask us about it and we will find it from our selection of wholesalers for you.


Monitors are an important part of your time at your computer. The majority of monitors these days are widescreen, full HD (1920x1080), LED backlit, HDMI capable and are of sizes ranging between 22" and 27".
The differences in the more expensive monitors available include thin bezel size, inbuilt speakers, 1ms response time, 4K resolution and curved screens.

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Keyboards & Mice

Keyboards come in Wired, Wireless, compact, soft-touch, mechanical or full colour backlit options!
You need a keyboard & mouse to interact with your new computer.
The choice of keyboard and mouse is largely personal preference and there is an abundance of choices available.

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Common Software

Your PC is as useful as a brick without software to run on it!!

The majority of computer users will be familiar with the Microsoft Windows software, which is the most common desktop operating system available for PC's.
Windows 10 is the first evolving version of windows that gets regular feature updates and is geared towards the latest hardware features and new technologies such as cloud services, 3d printing and augmented reality. If you own a computer with windows 7, 8 or 8.1 on it and have not yet taken advantages of the free upgrade offered by microsoft, you only have until december 2nd to get it for free.
It is important to note that windows 7 does not support newer motherboard chipsets, newly released cpu's, technologies such as usb 3.1 and M.2 NVMe super fast drives.

Windows is not the only desktop operating system available for pc's with linux being very popular as either your preferred OS or as a dual boot option with windows (best of both worlds). There are many flavours of linux distributions each with tailored to a specific aim or based off different unix flavours.
Linux is open source, meaning that all operating system and software packages are built from freely available source code.
With various cross platform emulation packages available, software and games from windows (and many other platforms) can be run within your linux desktop.

At Alpha1 Computers we have been using various flavours of unix / linux for over 20 years on home desktops and business server systems.
Feel free to ask us for help in selecting or upgrading a distro to suit your specific needs.

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