There are many different monitors available and the best selling ones are listed below.
If what you are looking for is not listed, please contact us to get a quote from one of our wholesalers.

Our most common brands sold are AOC, LG & SAMSUNG with sizes ranging from 17" to 32"
There are various differences between monitors, each for a specific use case.

IPS True Colour monitors are perfect if you are looking for great colour matching for graphic design.

Gaming GSYNC monitors are perfect if you want high refresh rates with crystal clear gaming and already own a newer NVIDIA or ATI Graphic Card.

Dual HDMI Monitors allow you to have 2 HDMI capable devices on the one monitor. Handy if you want to switch from the computer to your favourite gaming console or streaming box like a ROKU.

Almost every computer sold today is dual monitor capable. Don't discount this very handy feature. If you feel you never have enough screen real estate to have your essential programs open and visible, add another monitor!
It can be a big efficiency increase for some work scenarios, allowing you to see not switch between applications.
You can also just plug in your existing TV as the second monitor and only use it when you want to watch movies or game on a bigger screen.

LG 22" Full HD Monitor, LED, VGA/DVI, 5ms Response, VESA 75mm

LG 22inch LED Monitor

AOC 24" Full HD Monitor, LED, VGA/HDMI/DP, 1ms Response, VESA 100mm, Gaming FreeSync 75Hz

AOC 24inch Gaming Monitor

AOC 23.6" Full HD Monitor, LED, VGA/DVI/HDMI, 1ms Response, VESA 100mm, Speakers

AOC 23.6inch LED Monitor with speakers

AOC 24" Full HD UltraSlim Monitor, LED, VGA / Dual HDMI, 5ms Response, True Colour IPS, Infinity Edge

AOC 24inch IPS Ultraslim Monitor
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